The Way WE Move


Human Biomechanics Workshop

Your soft-tissue and myofascial system intimately connect your muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs.  They keep a detailed record of your past, affect you in the present, and influence your future.  Every movement; every step, every reach, every twist, every fold and every stance we take shapes our physicality.  Each piece of our assembly, every layer of our depths forged through the choices we make.  

Take a fascinating journey through the building blocks of these bodies of ours.  We will discuss the processes of growth and change from deep inside and explore the ripples created throughout the whole.  Expect a basic discussion of fascia, muscle, bone and nerve along with human biomechanics and how to effectively and move and use the body as a whole.

Saturday Dec 16 | 6 - 8PM

$35 pre | $40 day of


After years of misunderstanding and mistreating his body Sensei Derek came to yoga as a path to health and ultimately healing.  In discovering the Yoga practice, Derek began to uncover a poorly hidden passion for teaching and quickly immersed himself in yoga and the body,  seeking out teachers from Miami to Mumbai.  Having studied under highly skilled and generous teachers in the fields of anatomy, movement and traditional philosophy for many years and teaching extensively in the Washington DC area he is now based in NYC, where runs trainings and teaches public yoga classes that integrate biomechanics and exploration of the human form.