Did you know your body is capable of sensing so much more than the typical five senses? Are you unsure how to explain or navigate this ability? Your five senses serve as a foundation providing information from your inner body to navigate your external world. However, you are much more than a biological organism. You are a soul with the great capacity to tap into a heightened sense. A sense that goes past the mental, physical and emotional body, nurturing a deeper connection to the spiritual body's wisdom. This knowledge serving as your soul’s blueprint, compass and advocate.

`The Ultimate Clearing provides the necessary questions and self-mastery tools to unlearn the defenses our social world puts upon you with information overload and disconnection from nature. Learning this skill set will support you in recovering information within you that is in synchrony with nature - the magic of oneness that is waiting for you and how to empower that truth.

If you want to discover new access points to empower your intuitive voice, understand how to activate its power and begin to curate your life from the intuitive intelligence within, please join us! Your voice is wanted and needed. This workshop will provide you with tools of self empowerment to consistently clear out anything keeping you from hearing your intuitive voice and spreading it's powerful magic with the world!The Ultimate Clearing - a 2.5 hour interactive workshop on the importance of using the subtle wisdom/calling of your heart to change all you dislike in the world. The answers to "HOW" are inside you. Our crying world needs your unique gifts and talents as only YOU can deliver them. I am going to share my own journey to my purpose. The good, the bad and downright nasty including growing up orphaned, a 150LB weight loss and two career transformations! All shifted for good by mastering listening within! I will give you new tools to get to connected to your intuitive voice and how to sustain that connection so you can use it's active wisdom for self-healing and your part in healing our world by leading in love.

Wednesday May 15 | 8 - 10PM

$25 by May 8 | $35 after | 20% off for members


Mel Carter is the Head of Mindfulness Education and Innovation for New York University. After a decade long career as a music business executive in a number of roles including Hip Hop management to digital marketing and sales for the number one music company in the world. Mel embarked on a spiritual journey that inspired transformations in both her career and daily life. For the last ten years, Mel has served as a meditation teacher, holistic, wellness and intuitive lifestyle coach. While Miami served as home base for the last three years, her private practice brought her to 16 different countries to facilitate online group programs, workshops, and seminars focused on intuitive intelligence and mindfulness. Her work in Miami was devoted to serving as a mindfulness consultant for various companies, colleges and C+ executives to identify gaps and needs within those cultures to foster stronger mindfulness foundations, tools and leadership.