The Buddhist path can be divided into the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings, with the Mahayana teachings being further divided into the open teachings and the secret teachings.

These secret teachings are known as the “Quick Path, like “riding a tiger” and are generally not studied until one is fluent with the open teachings and has received an empowerment from a teacher.

But many people have questions about this process - especially with the proliferation of wrong ideas about tantra relating to what it means, what the practices are, and the problems that seem to arise in relationship to gurus.

In this talk, we will discuss what tantra is and isn’t, what it means, and how one prepares for it in an authentic way by focusing on three essential practices. There will be ample time for Q and A.

Tuesday Oct 16 | 7:30 - 9:15PM

$25 | $20 for members

Earle Birney started his studies over 20 years ago under the guidance of Geshe Michael Roach, with whom he completed the 18-course ACI program.  As one of the original pioneers at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, Earle then completed the 7 year advanced study program.  During this time he taught the yoga philosophy programs, meditation, yoga, and Buddhism.  He served on the board of directors, taught yoga in prisons and schools, and led workshops and retreats in Mexico, the United States, and China and Canada. At the conclusion of this advanced study program Earle completed the traditional 3 year three month retreat. Earle has opened 2 youth centers and a youth run cafe for underprivileged youth, developed leadership and day programs for at-risk and adjudicated youth, and now co-directs the Become a Grand Master Program, a spiritual based youth leadership training in China.