Yoga Asana

 Our yoga program is designed to integrate mind training with a healthy physical practice. Each class will include an intention setting, connecting to inner wisdom, meditation and dedication to ensure the mind follows the movement of the body and the yoga class is useful.


VINYASA | Moving the body with the breath. The asana are basic to intermediate and the class pacing is energetic.

INTERMEDIATE | This student will already have a consistent yoga practice. This student will understand ujjaii pranayama and will be very comfortable in a vinyasa class. The asana are advanced and class pacing is energetic. Expect arm balances, inversions, and intense core work.

SEEDS FOR YOGA | From the ground up. For beginners and advanced alike.

SLOW FLOW | A gentler approach to vinyasa. Throughout class there is a strong focus on alignment and breath.

RESTORATIVE | Relax and let gravity do the work.

LADY NIGUMA | An ancient practice based on the oldest written asana series to date. Asana, pranayama and chanting are used to unwind knots in the energetic body.

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COMMUNITY YOGA WITH LIBERATION PRISON YOGA PROJECT | A donation-based class for all who are feeling the pain of living today. This class is trauma informed, with a focus on connecting from the heart, and safe ways to explore our inner selves through the yoga practice and mindfulness tools, vital support systems amid chaos and stress.

YOGA FOR 12 STEP RECOVERY | Y12SR is a framework for integrating the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step recovery programs.

COMMUNITY CLASS | Try our approach to yoga in a free community class.

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