This workshop explores the relationship between the movement, strength, and mobility around the pelvis and the energetic emotional connection to sensuality and creativity. Energetically, this relates in a big way to the shadow of the unconscious. In a society, that both obsesses over and ignores this sacred hub of emotional connection, creation and elimination, how can we reconnect and bring a sense of flow on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels? How much do you know about your pelvic floor?

Through asana, breathing exercises, and a guided meditation we’ll prep the body and mind for free writing and a space to share. You may be surprised by what comes up and all that you have to say.

Saturday April 21  |   2 - 4:30PM

$30 | 20% off for members

A student since age 12, Alessandra took her first step into the teacher seat in 2016 and has been studying and working ever since. In addition to her 200HR at Yoga Shanti, she studied the pelvic floor with Leslie Howard as well as energetic sensitivity and the chakra system with Justin Ritchie with whom she is currently undergoing a 300HR mentorship. Beyond yoga, Alessandra reads and teaches tarot, utilizing the archetypal imagery as a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. She leads moon circles and workshops focusing on sensuality, self love and empowerment. You can catch her on stage improvising, storytelling and hosting her sex positive variety show as well as spewing words of love and videos of dancing on Instagram @bone.seed