How connected are your to the way your body moves? Do you love to dance? Or feel like you can't? Dance is an expression as basic and primal as breathing. It's a part of us. Deeper than speech. As intimate as touch. Like our postures and breath, it helps the prana flow.

This workshop will move through a flow asana sequence like a choreography building a body connection from the feet through the legs into the hips, belly, back chest shoulders arms, neck and head. We will use the familiarity of the asana to build the foundation for dynamic movement and self-expression.

You will have the chance to sit in the places of stuckness, Move from your depths and into your limbs. Express yourself with everything you have.

No dance or yoga experience required, there will be modifications for all levels. The purpose of this workshop is to connect to the joy of movement.

Sunday July 15  |   2 - 4:30PM

$30 advance  |  $35 day of

$24 for members


A student since age 12, Alessandra took her first step into the teacher seat in 2016 and has been studying and working ever since. In addition to her 200HR at Yoga Shanti, she studied the pelvic floor with Leslie Howard as well as energetic sensitivity and the chakra system with Justin Ritchie with whom she is currently undergoing a 300HR mentorship. Beyond yoga, Alessandra reads and teaches tarot, utilizing the archetypal imagery as a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. She leads moon circles and workshops focusing on sensuality, self love and empowerment. You can catch her on stage improvising, storytelling and hosting her sex positive variety show as well as spewing words of love and videos of dancing on Instagram @bone.seed