What is an "Enlightenment Studio"? 

The Enlightenment Studio is the first of its kind. It interweaves the ancient practices of Yoga and Buddhism for mind and body in one studio to bring each student to the highest end result: ENLIGHTENMENT. Three Jewels offers a complete path to enlightenment through an integrated practice of yoga, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy.

What does THREE JEWELS mean? 

In Buddhism, "The Three Jewels" are the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. But what does that mean? 

Buddha- I think we're all familiar with this historical figure. But a Buddha, or Awakened Being, can be anyone that has reached total enlightenment. The point is that its totally possible for you. 

Dharma - The Buddha’s teachings i.e. everything has infinite potential, being kind, stilling the mind, the true nature of reality.

Sangha - The community of people that have realized and live by these ideas.

But the real definition of "The Three Jewels" isn't just those things. Its by making these JEWELS the core principles of your life that transform you as a person (into a Buddha).

What type of yoga do you offer? 

We offer a range of vinyasa, ashtanga and alignment classes from basics to advanced. In all of our yoga classes, you will find elements of a Buddhist practice. In the Buddhist tradition, yoga is taught as a tantric practice! 

What type of meditation do you offer? 

All of our meditation classes are based in Tibetan Buddhism but are accessible for anyone. We're bringing ancient methods to modern times. Our classes will vary from basic practices with the breath and stress reduction to visualization practices to manifest your perfect paradise. 

What is Dharma? 

Dharma is the teachings of the Buddha. We offer classes that cover the compendium of Buddhist teachings. 

What level of yoga are your classes? 

They range from beginner to advanced. Our vinyasa class is an open level class. They're great if you already have practiced yoga before.

Do you have beginner yoga classes?

Yes, our basics class is great for beginners.

Do you have beginner meditation classes?

All of our meditation classes will be easy for anyone's first time. We also offer Intro to Meditation workshops once a month.

Do you offer an advanced yoga class?

Yes, our intermediate yoga class is an advanced class. And we offer monthly yoga workshops to advance your practice.

Do you offer private instruction at Three Jewels?

Yes, we offer private yoga and meditation sessions. Email us at info@threejewels.org if you are interested in booking a private.

May I reserve a private group class at Three Jewels?

Yes! We can host your group at Three Jewels and we can even bring yoga and meditation to your work! Learn more here.

Do you have a work/study or volunteer program?

Yes. Actually our entire studio is run by volunteers! We offer free unlimited classes and benefits to our Karma Yogis.  CLICK HERE to find out more info.

What do I need to wear to class?

For yoga class, wear something you can stretch in. For meditation and other classes, wear something you can sit comfortably in.

Do I need to bring a mat?

Nope, we have 100% rubber Jade mats! They're super grippy. But you're welcome to bring your own mat if you'd like.

May I store my mat at Three Jewels?

Sorry, we don't have mat storage.

Do you have showers? 

No, but we do have two bathrooms to freshen up.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we ask that you cancel at least 3 hours ahead of time for classes and 24 hours ahead of time for workshops.

Can I share my class package?

Unfortunately not. Class Packages, Memberships and Workshops are non-transferable.

Can I become a Three Jewels teacher?

Yes! We offer a 200-hour Teacher Training for both yoga and meditation. Click here for more info. Or if you are already certified, you can send us your resume at info@threejewels.org